How do keep fishing rods from breaking?

How do keep fishing rods from breaking? Aug, 1 2023

Understanding the Essence of Care for Fishing Rods

The first rule of thumb you learn when you bury yourselves deep into the realms of fishing is the importance of maintaining your fishing gear, especially the fishing rods. Now, I know the wave of enthusiasm when you get your hands on that brand spanking new fishing rod. I was in the same boat, quite literally when I bought my first fishing rod. Just like my trustworthy old dog, Rusty, standing by my side, my fishing rod too turned into a trusted buddy. But here's the thing - you need to understand how to keep your fishing rods from breaking and that's just what I'll be covering today.

Take it from me, someone who fell so many times face-first into the Kiwi waters while learning to fish until Alanna, my beautiful and patient spouse, had enough and sent me for fishing lessons. Well, lessons later, one thing I learned - keeping fishing rods in top shape is sacred.

The Initial Step – Right Selection and Handling

Choosing the right fishing rod is like finding a soul mate – it requires patience, understanding a bit about the process and of course, a little bit of blind luck! So, before we move onto caring tips, remember one thing - always choose a fishing rod right for your catch and most importantly, handle with care. If you're planning to catch a mighty marlin, going after it with an ultra-light rod isn't the best idea. You'll probably return home not with marlin but a broken fishing rod. Hence, the first step is understanding your fishing rod's limitations.

Speaking from personal experience, during one of my fishing trips, I mistakenly thought it'd be fun to tag a giant trevally with a rod meant for trout. The ride was wild for a few minutes before my rod snapped in half, the fish got away, and I was left holding two pieces of a brand-new fishing rod. An amusing anecdote for the blog, an expensive lesson for me!

Proper Storage - Your Fishing Rod's Best Friend

Did you know improper storage invites unwanted damages and shortens the lifespan of fishing rods? A common mistake most fishermen make is careless storage. The best way to keep fishing rods from breaking is by storing them vertically with ample space around each rod to avoid scratches or bending. My lovely Alanna, even bought a customized rod storage rack to prevent me from turning the spare room into a fishing rod junkyard. Ever since, my fishing rods last noticeably longer and look as new as I first bought them.

Maintaining Cleanliness - The Habit Every Fisher Should Embrace

Now, cleaning may not sound like the most exciting endeavor, but trust me, it works wonders for the longevity of your rod. My own ritual involves cleaning my fishing rods after every fishing excursion. Rust, salt, and dirt wear down fishing gear faster than you can say "Kia Ora!" (That's a fun Kiwi way of saying Hello!). Even freshwater fishing is not entirely free of damaging minerals!

So, do yourself a favor, when you get back home from a fishing trip, clean your rods. I usually take a soft cloth, dampen it with warm water and mild dish soap, and gently clean the rod. Remember, the emphasis is on the word ‘gentle’. Scrubbing too hard can scrape away the rod's protective layer.

Significance of Regular Check-ups and Servicing

Regular check-ups sound like something your doctor would advise, right? But this applies to our fishing rods too. On one fishing outing, I noticed frayed line guides on my rod which could have seriously damaged my fishing line during a big catch situation. Thanks to my habit of regular checks, I managed to replace the guides in time, saving both my rod and the fishing line.

So, regular servicing and check-ups help nip major problems in the bud. It's best to have a good repair service contact handy. It can be a lifesaver, more like a rod saver during emergency situations! And guess what, many repair services also offer to clean and polish your rods. It's a win-win!

In the end, caring for a fishing rod is not rocket science, all it takes is a little bit of common sense, a dab of dedication, and of course, love for the sport and the environment. It's just like how Alanna carefully tends her beautiful roses in our backyard, with love, attention, and diligence, and in return, they blossom and flourish. So, give your fishing gear the care it needs, and it will serve you well, making every fishing trip a memorable one.